Importance of College Education in the Field of Criminal Justice

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Importance of College Education in Criminal Justice Field: The criminal justice field has careers that provide an individual with great rewards and significant opportunities to an extent that the profession is considered as one with the bright spots in employment. Even though education in this field has had a checkered history and past, it probably has a bright future because of the increased quest for quality in criminal justice education. In the past few years, the criminal justice field has been characterized with an agenda that seeks to ensure quality while significantly extending the scope and dept of education in this profession. Consequently, few people would disagree with the fact that solid education has become an important facet of any career in this field just like other professions. However, the importance of college education and the extent of needed schooling are huge concerns for people considering criminal justice careers. Why College Education is Important: There are several jobs within the criminal justice field including correctional officers, law enforcement officers, and dispatchers. In consideration of how much education an individual considering these careers need, 'the short answer to the question is that it depends on what you want to do' (Roufa, n.d.). In most cases, many careers in the criminal justice profession require a GED or a high school diploma. Nonetheless, certain jobs in this field may require additional academic training such as law
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