Importance of Colloidal Dispersion in Pharmacy

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Importance of colloidal dispersion in pharmacy Pharmaceutical Applications of colloids:
Colloids are extensively used for modifying the properties of pharmaceutical agents. The most common property that is affected is the solubility of a drug .However, colloidal forms of many drugs exhibits substantially different properties when compared with traditional forms of these drugs. Certain medicinals have been found to possess unusual or increased therapeutic properties when formulated in the colloidal state. Another important pharmaceutical application of colloid is their use as drug delivery system. The most often used colloid type drug delivery systems include hydrogels, microspheres, microemulsions, liposomes, micelles, nanoparticles and
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It was found that coatings of PLL-g-PEG- ligand conjugates provided for the specific targeting of microspheres to human blood- derived macrophages and dendritic cells while reducing non- specific phagocytosis. Microparticles can also be used to facilitate nontraditional routes of drug administration. It was found that Microparticles can be used to improve immunization using the mucosal route of administration of therapeutics. It was found in this study that mucosal route of administration of therapeutics can translocate to tissues in the systemic compartment of the immune system and provoke immunological reactions.

Micro & Nano-Emulsions:
Microemulsions are excellent candidates as potential drug delivery systems because of their improved drug solubilization, long shelf life, and ease of preparation and administration. Three distinct Microemulsions- oil external, water external, and middle phase- can be used for drug delivery, depending upon the type of the dug and the site of action. In contrast to Microparticles, which demonstrate distinct differences between the outer shell and core, microemulsions are usually formed with more or less homogeneous particles. Microemulsions

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