Importance of Command

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The chain of command is an important structure in the military. First it allows problem to be handled at the lowest level possible in the command. If a military personnel has a problem he would go to his NCO first before going to their SCNOs or Commander; this way he isn’t stepping on people’s feet and everyone is aware of the situation so they can get it fixed. You also have to think of it in a war situation. If there was no chain of command then everyone would think they are in charge. If an NCO tells a private to go do this, then the private knows to just go do it. If there was no chain of command then the private would probably try and tell the NCO off and then he will probably end up getting shot by the enemy. You work your way…show more content…
Leadership, accountability, efficiency, morale, and a sense of order all depend upon your chain of command. Why it is important to follow proper instruction procedures in the military is for many reasons. As military personnel, it is our responsibility to not only follow instruction/orders, but to execute the command. Not following orders can result into consequences not only for the personnel whom committed not following instructions, but also it can put others at risk too. Like your NCO in charge of you, to your Team Leader, to your Platoon Sergeant, to your 1st Sergeant, to your Company Commander, to your Brigade Commander, and so on. Not only can your NCO in charge of you, your Team Leader, your Platoon Sergeant, your 1st Sergeant, your Company Commander, and your Brigade Commander could all get into trouble for your actions of not following direct instructions/orders. But some may lose rank in the process including the personnel whom didn’t follow the specific instructions/orders giving by a personnel higher rank than those individual personnel. Also when you are down range deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, and other combat places we have our units fighting the war at, not only can a personnel lose rank but in fact not following directions/orders you could get a personnel fighting alongside of you in the war killed in combat but you as well. Try to explain to a spouse, or a
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