Importance of Communication within and Outside an Organization

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Introduction Communication is an important aspect within and outside an organization, mostly when there are complex multiple issues that need to be addressed. When crisis arises, it is necessary for the organization to act upon those issues and find solutions to them. An effective communication inside and outside organization improves the workflow and overall performance. It is therefore necessary for organization to improve their communication and acquire new developed technologies that can be used to pass information from one source to another. By making different efforts of improving communication processes, the organization can be able to build a stronger company that can serve the whole market (Media & Smith, 2012). In short, this paper summarizes an essential communication in a community crisis situation due to water contamination. Contaminated water is very harmful to the health of people. When cases like this have been reported, the Emergency Management Officer (EMO) should be able to act upon it as soon as possible to save the life of those people affected. Every Organization should implement a crisis communication plans to make them prepared and quickly respond to any emergencies within the communities. By having an integrated solid crisis communication plan with the crisis management will not only save the reputation of the organization but also save lives of many people within the environment surrounding that organization. It is therefore necessary and
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