Importance of Communications in an Organization

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Importance of Communications in an Organization
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The accelerating pace of change is creating an exceptional level of turbulence in even the most well-run organizations today. Combined with uncertainty over roles, responsibilities and jobs, employees are more anxious and concerned with the future direction of the organizations they are members of than ever before. That's why communications within organization is so critical today, specifically the areas of leadership and change management. If one looks across the best-performing organizations today, it becomes clear why they are excelling despite increased competition and turbulence. Their internal communications structures and systems are organized to provide the greatest level of certainty and transparency possible while also continually concentrating on challenging goals and objectives.
Importance of Communications in an Organization
What galvanizes an organization together, makes it unique and highly differentiated in competitive markets, and infuses a level of confidence and clarity in their employees as to their roles, is the quality of communication it has. Communications throughout an organization need to be fluid and capable of quickly traversing the most uncharted and uncertain areas of a new opportunity, while also stabilizing information flows throughout its existing structure (Lesikar, 1981). The aspects of excellent communication have more to do with how well
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