Importance of Comparative Studies in English

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Importance of Comparative Studies in English Importance of Comparative Studies in English Studying comparative English means selecting an academic department, which gives a reflection of a country of interest. English programs focus on the nation's respective traditions. However, comparative studies in English have always focused on outside the borders of a single national language. German literature has been enormously influenced by French, Roman and English literatures among others. Furthermore, writers who did not have knowledge about one another have currently shown fascinating differences and similarities in their works. A book by Michael Gow and poems by Bruce Dawe push each other into a startling discussion about themes in life. An important factor in comparative English is the cultivation of readings across a wide range of linguistic borders with the aim of highlighting everything and exclusively focusing on national literature. Traditionally, when African and Asian literatures were studied, they all had a few things in common. The literatures of Europe were understood as expressive and aesthetical of the national genius. On the other hand, literatures from the nonwestern regions were understood to bear historical, ethnographic, and anthropological views. Studies of comparative literature in English also endeavor to break the gap between the division of the west and the rest of the human race. This is achievable through the integration of formal rigor in studies
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