Importance of Continuing Professional Development

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CPD, or Continuing Professional Development, is a term used to describe the way individuals grow and learn throughout their professional career. It is common in most every profession and is usually structured in the approach and is more applicability when formalized. This can also be approached in a way of thinking about learning and education as ecological that is, part of the overall environmental challenge one needs to remain current in both one's field of interest and as technology and information change in society. . For instance, as individuals age, whether they are teachers or doctors, their worldview changes. With that change in worldview, then, comes the realization that many of the facts they thought they knew, or that may have been imparted in their classes, patients, or as parents, might need a bit of "tweaking." The power of our ability as humans to evolve intellectually and emotionally, though, is related to our ability to include a changing worldview into the craft of learning and teaching (Schoenfeld 2002). One way of viewing CPD through the Human Resource Process is to understand how HR professionals can provide longer and more sustained value to the profession by enhancing CPD within individuals in their organization. This may be done by establishing meaningful strategies and tactics using the eight standard behaviors in the CIPD HR Professional Map. The map can be used as a guide for HR personnel to help carry out training, activities, decide upon
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