Importance of Cyber Security

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The nation has become dependent on technology, furthermore, cyberspace. It’s encompassed in everything we deliver in our daily lives, our phones, internet, communication, purchases, entertainment, flying airplane, launching missiles, operating nuclear plants, and implicitly, our protection. The more ever-growing technology empower Americans, the more they become prey to cyber threats. The United States Executive Office of the President stated, “The President identified cybersecurity as one of the top priorities of his administration in doing so, directed a 60-day review to assess polices.” (United States Executive Office of the President, 2009, p.2). Furthermore, critical infrastructure, our network, and internet alike are identified…show more content…
(United States Executive Office of the President, 2009). Though seemingly constructive measures, this order falls short within the administration.
The success of the administration’s 60-day policy review relied heavily on report findings, however privacy of information placed barriers on the mission, moreover, the issue of classified information presented challenges. The final report delivery made a powerful statement about cybersecurity threats and urgency, and the administration’s need to communicate a response. (Cate & Laurie, 2009). Consequently, this prompted the president to appoint a privacy official reporting to the new cybersecurity coordinator.
As the current administration acknowledges the majority of infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, it’s noted that the president is adamant that his administration won’t dictate security standards instead they will work together to find technology solutions. (Cate & Laurie, 2009). Also noted during the President’s East Room announcement was his promise on a new approach to keep and protect the American’s personal privacy. To date, no real action has been implemented to solidify any legal change.
Administrative Policy Differences
Cyersecurity has been on the forefront of policy priority for legislative administration for several years, cybersecurity protection doesn’t fit into conventional or traditional security problems. As technology has advanced,
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