Importance of Decision Making in Businesses

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In McGregor's Theory XY, I learned it is likely that people need structure even if they are motivated. For example, working together as one is important in order to ensure productivity along with new ideas for companies. This is because I feel that a team will create a concept that suits the diverse needs of the company by providing products to a broad customer base. The design of groups is important so that the team will know exactly what to do. However, in working in groups may seem challenging because there are so many different personalities working together as one. Even though this is true, people want to belong to groups in order to be a part of something to avoid being ostracized. From a Theoretical Standpoint, social support from others is critical to psychological and physiological well being. People have evolved as social beings, working for the group secures membership. Therefore, working in groups brings employees together, which enhances new ideas for the company. With that, by letting employees work in groups, it would bring the company much success in the long run. Within Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions: Understanding Cultural Values Around the World, Tuckman's Team Development Model, and Organizational Cultural Profile, it is important to understand the people that you work with and manage. Leaders of the group are seen as part of the group decision making process by having a quality interaction between themselves and followers. The company does not want to
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