Importance of Education

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1. Education has various implications. Given the fact that it provides a communication channel through which information is accumulated and knowledge is shared among members of a smaller or larger community, education is benefic for some and destructive for others. For instance, students and the young educated generation have started some of the most important revolutions in the history of human kind. One example in this sense is the Tiananmen Square Student Rebellion or the Arab Spring. In such cases, education has enabled the young generation to look beyond everyday realities and opened their eyes to new political and social perspectives. Education can be destructive especially if education is used as a means of propaganda. One example in this sense is the way in which the communist forces used education in schools and universities to determine a transformation of the ruling power into an idolatry figure or adapt history reports and perspectives to such an extent that it would serve the Party's objectives and own accounts of history and realities. 2. bell hooks' perspective provides a new understand of the learning process in considering the dynamics of learning as well as the different types of students and academic interactions. One aspect is the extraordinary potential the learning process if there is a convincing belief that students are a constant source of innovative thinking and that education should promote such thinking and not limit the education to mere
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