Importance of Effective Supervision

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Importance of Effective Supervision As functioning members of society, the majority of us will enter into a world of work. In this “world” we will all encounter different types of employees. Organizations are divided into four levels. From the top down, these levels are: top management, middle managers, supervisors, and operative employees. All levels are important to have a functioning organization. It’s important that all levels be functioning effectively, including supervisors. As defined, supervisors are a “part of an organizations’ management team, supervisors oversee the work of operative employees and are the only managers who don’t manage other managers” (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Wolter, 9). With the current work environment,…show more content…
He owned an auto body shop across from our competition’s pest control office. The carrier had left the chemical with the auto body owner because the auto body owner said he knew the pest control company. This auto body shop owner then gave our shipment to our competition believing it belonged to them. So the whole situation turned into a big mess. Long story short, we got our chemical back and contacted the truck driver’s supervisor. The supervisor apologized and did not charge us for the freight on that shipment. But, the situation could have been handled well if the supervisor had taken action when we previously complained. The supervisor should have had a conversation concerning the constant late deliveries to our company. If this had been done effectively, the last situation would not have turned out so poorly. Hopefully the supervisor took action with the last incident and disciplined the driver appropriately for the same continual tardiness as well as for leaving our shipment with someone who is not an employee of our company. Being an effect supervisor requires understanding and skill development. The supervisor’s role is vital to any organization. Throughout this, I have learned and development skills that have given me the ability to be a more effective supervisor. I have learned to be more understanding of the employees I supervise as well learning how to help them develop their selves into better, more productive members of the organization. This
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