Importance of Ethical Theory in Nursing

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In this paper we present a critical review of ethics and cultural competence in professional nursing practice with a clear focus on the justification for the importance of ethical theories of Utilitarianism, Deonatology/Kantianism, Virtue Ethics, Moral Particularism to nursing. The paper also relates the principle of confidentiality to the concept of reasonable limits. This is then followed by a review of how to identify how to resolve conflict between two or more ethical principles. The influence of culture on values is also discussed. Finally, the paper identifies one ethical decision-making model used by masters-prepared nurses in the delivery of healthcare.
The importance of ethical theory in nursing
Ethical theory is important in the field of nursing. This is despite the ethical dilemma s that surround nursing practice (Wulff, Pedersen & Rosenberg, 1986).The work of Davis et. al. (1997) defined the virtue approach as an important nursing position that appropriately presupposes that the nurse's character and integrity as an individual agent of morality determines or rather influences whether cases…
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