Importance of Faith and Prayer in Islam

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The quote from the textbook “understanding religion in a global society” gives tremendous significance to faith and rituals of the Islamic culture, both of which are greatly highlighted in the holy book of Quran. Just as without the roots, a tree cannot survive, similarly, without faith, performing highly valuable rituals are useless. The main source where Muslims gain an enormous amount of faith is from reading the holy book of Quran. One must fully believe and understand the messages written in the Quran to have complete faith in it as a Muslim individual. For centuries, the Quran has been preserved through writing and memorization. In fact, today Quran is the only book, which can be fully memorized by millions of people all over the …show more content…
The religious ritual of prayer is essential to all the followers of Islam. As mentioned before, it is the second pillar of Islam, right after the first pillar being the testimony of faith, by which one becomes a Muslim. A Muslim individual stands in prayer, five times during the day, in order to worship, praise, thank and remember the Almighty. Prayer is also a way of seeking forgiveness for all the bad deeds committed during the day. Prayer can be seen similar to the convenience of having a stream flowing outside one’s front door. If an individual could easily bath in this flowing stream of water five times during the day, he/she will have no filth left on him/her. Likewise, praying five times daily washes away one’s sins. This repeated standing in front of the Almighty keeps an individual away from performing sins, in addition to remembering and fearing God throughout the day. An individual clean heartedly walks away after praying with a feeling of being renewed.
The quote from the text refers to highly important claims and one cannot help but agree with them. Reciting the Quran and keeping up with prayers are the key factors that keep a Muslim individual connected to Allah, the greatest. Remembering the power of Almighty several times during the day, is beneficial in endless number of ways. Keeping an individual away from evil or committing bad deeds,
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