Importance of File Management

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Summary A single "My Documents" folder is usually sufficient for individuals or very small companies. When file management concerns grow, however, it becomes necessary to reconsider the methods and means by which files are stored and shared across a network. Sharing files raises questions about security and access. A "My Documents" folder, however, is outmoded for this organization primarily because it does not allow for scalability. The organization in question has grown considerably. Employees need regular, secure, and reliable access to files, and cannot afford to lose any data. This proposal for change makes some suggestions as to how the organization can improve its file management system. Analysis File management is a central concern for organizations like this one. Employees need to have a simple but robust solution, which will facilitate workflow in a way that retains core security parameters that safeguard the data. There are several possible solutions, because there are a lot of software applications that can address the needs of the organization. Many are easy and inexpensive to integrate with the current systems used in the organization. A simple solution is the best one to implement immediately because there will be a small learning curve for employees, reducing the transition time between using the My Documents system to using the new system. There will also be minimal to no data loss. Microsoft offers some suggestions for companies running Windows
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