Importance of Fitness for Men

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Introduction In basic terms, men differ from women in many fundamental ways. The said differences could be physical, emotional, physiological, or even mental. In that regard, the benefits both genders derive from exercise tend to differ. In this text, I discuss fitness and why it is important for men. Why is Fitness Important for Men? Men according to the American Diabetes Association (2013) "have a slightly higher risk of diabetes than women." It is also important to note that in comparison to women, men have a higher risk of developing central obesity (Rakel and Rakel, 2011). In basic terms, central obesity is the presence of excess abdominal fat. High blood pressure is yet another disease which according to Rhoden and Schein (2010) is much more frequent in men below the age of 55 than in women within the same age bracket. Regular exercise plays a critical role in the prevention of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Keeping fit could also help keep prostate cancer at bay. As the American Cancer Society (2013) points out, "other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men." Men who exercise regularly have a reduced risk of suffering from this particular disease. In addition to helping in the prevention of cancer, exercise according to Rosenbaum, Spiegel, Fobair, and Gautier (2007) also plays a role in the detection of cancer. In that regard, the relevance of regular exercises for men cannot be overstated. Secondly, for men,
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