Importance of Following Directions

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The Importance of Following Directions

Following directions is one of the most basic and fundamental skills necessary to maintain order in today’s society. From the most basic “No!” to a little child to “Don’t drink and drive,” following directions can save a life and maintain safety, create efficiency in the home, the workplace and at school, and keep basic order to avoid chaos and disarray.

“Following directions is an important skill to learn in
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During the American Civil War (1861-­‐65), General Ulysses S. Grant had a colonel on his staff. (English is sometimes very weird. "Colonel" is pronounced "kernel," as in corn.) The colonel was a dolt. (That's pronounced exactly as it's spelled: dolt, as in "dummy.") Grant knew this, which is why he kept him on his staff.

The colonel had one major responsibility: interpreting Grant's orders for Grant. Grant would write an order and hand it to the colonel. The colonel's job was to explain this order in his own words to Grant. If he explained the order wrong, Grant would re-­‐write it. When, finally, the colonel could explain accurately what Grant was really telling his commanders to do, Grant would issue the order. Grant knew his own limitations as a writer of commands. He compensated for this by using his dim-­‐witted colonel.”

There are many consequences that
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