Importance of Friendship

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Close friends often have a major impact on the choices that people make. A close friend can completely change a person’s outlook on life, change the way they live their life and even help them live their life to the fullest. Friends often have more impact on the life of an individual than family because friends are people who you choose to have in your life, and are not people who are just there. With the busy lives that people lead these days, people often feel neglected by their loved ones. This can lead people down negative paths when they feel they have no one there for them. In the novel, Shattered, by Eric Walters, it is proven that no matter how badly a relationship may begin, it can blossom into a great bond between two…show more content…
For these reasons Mac feels safe on the streets, and the people he gets to know feel safe with him, hence, the great bonds between him and the homeless are made. The homeless have so much faith in him that they trust him with their lives. For example, when one of the mentally ill customers at “The Club” thought that the food was poisoned (chapter 5), when Mac sampled it, the homeless man gladly ate it, because they trust him Mac so much and believe that he would never hurt them. Some ways that Mac builds such great bonds with the homeless people are that he knows where they hide so he can find them and once he finds them he knows how to gain their trust. The homeless often start off thinking who this man is, and end up depending on him once they begin to trust him. The way that Mac gains the homeless people’s trust is that he asks them various questions that make them feel like Mac is a good person who is there to help. Some of these questions include: “you two need a place to sleep tonight?”, “you need a meal tomorrow, you come by The Club, okay, buddy” (66). The homeless and Mac become so close because by asking these questions, and proving to the homeless that he can be trusted, Mac builds great bonds with these people. Causing the homeless to find trust in him and overtime look to him as a brother. As most friends, Mac and the homeless often start out as acquaintances

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