Importance of Good Salespeople in a Company: The Joe Salatino Case Study

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1. It is necessary that the Great American Northern company understand the importance of how people form perceptions and make attributions because customers' opinions are formed through their interaction with the salesperson over the phone. The Joe Salatino case study reveals a boss whose company is highly successful while at the same time maintaining the potential for even more success. The case study certainly suggests that the company is hugely profitable: Salatino sells more than $20 million dollars in office supplies to more than 60,000 companies. Although the office products are largely indispensable for companies, the case study suggests that the main challenge for Salatino's company derives not from selling the product itself so much as doing a better job of selling than the internet competition. The phone calls are quite brief (it is noted that a sale completed over the phone results in just a 5-minute phone call) and if a salesperson does not have a strong grasp of how people form perceptions, the customer will likely hang up on the phone and simply order the same product over the internet. Moreover, the success of the salesperson is a learned skill, one that is not instinctual and requires a cognitive understanding of the sales techniques that reliably appeal to the consumer; the product is clearly one that does not sell itself since Great American Northern Company has vast competition. Given that the salespeople compete against the internet market, the main

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