Importance of HIPAA and the Bill of Rights in the Healthcare System

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Why is important for the HIPAA and the Bill of Right work in the healthcare system. Both the HIPAA and Bill of Right significance to the healthcare system all around the United State because of the strict guideline that were implemented to make the healthcare facilities a better place; for both patients and healthcare officials. These two laws that have been implemented, they have been the corner stone for many years. Those have helped balance the right for patients, physicians, nurses and others officials who are working in different healthcare facilities. Since the formed President Bill Clinton signed HIPAA policy in to law, it has been a driving for the healthcare facilities though out the United…show more content…
Whenever any healthcare personal violates the HIPAA policy the punishments can be minor to server. The individual who bleaches privacy of any medical records the punishment can be verbal warning without further punishment the individual doesn’t violates the rules and regulation. If the individual in question violates the rule or regulation the individual can be place on probation, suspended without pay until further notice. Some one can be signed to look over you and check out all what you do on regular basic as you work. If you have authorization for high level clearance documents, it would be stripe from whoever violated the rules and regulations. The final stage of solving this problem can resolve in the termination of the individual. Many other problems popped up the healthcare facilities where this individual previously work could be huge trouble because of the poor judgment of this individual. This problems could be results in lawsuits on top of lawsuits for this organization. Years can passed before all the lawsuits settle as a result a huge amount funds would gone to the patients and the lawyers. Because of the poor judgment, it can result in a great cause for the organization, it would be in violation of HIPAA policy and it can be shut permanently or charge of very high finders because of this problem. Also, if the facility doesn’t get shut down, many of the patients can remove themselves from this healthcare facility because of the fear
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