Importance of Having a Differential Advantage in a Competitive Market

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Research Paper Importance of having a Sustainable Differential Advantage in a competitive market Introduction HP the 2nd largest computer maker has decided that it may spin off its computer business. HP 's market-startling move follows that of IBM, which was the biggest technology company until it was usurped a few years ago by HP. IBM sold its PC division to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo in 2005. Welcome to the world of PC manufacturers where competition is cut throat. But there is one company that has stood and fought its rivals. The name of that company is Dell. Started on November 4 1984 by Michael Dell, Dell grew by the early 90’s to become the largest seller of PCs and servers. The company currently sells personal computers,…show more content…
It has a next business-day on-site support/ Return-to-Base, or Collect and Return Services (based on contracts purchased at point of sale) other than the basic 24x7x365 telephone and online support. Dell has again given its customer to choose the service he would like depending upon how important the product is for his daily business. The customer can also choose a unique feature ie Mission Critical option with two-hour onsite support, for customers who choose the highest level of support for their most critical hardware assets. Because of these measures followed by Dell it still remains to be the top. The success of Dell lays in large part with market segmentation and specialization strategies that Michael Dell has used. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Introduced new Technology Dell launches a VMware-based cloud; Azure next Dell has officially become a cloud computing provider with the launch of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud built atop VMware technology. The move is just the first in Dell’s three-pronged IaaS attack, which will soon include clouds based on the Microsoft Windows Azure and OpenStack platforms. While Dell is busy adding a strong software play to its flagship server business, it looks to be rebuilding that business model in
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