Importance of Healthy Eating

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The Importance of Healthy Eating University of Phoenix October 24, 2010 A growing number of people are becoming aware of the importance of eating healthy. For some eating a nutritious and healthy meal conjures up images of meals consisting of salads only. Everyone knows there is something they could change in his or her life to become healthier. For some it is exercising and eating healthier. When it is concerning healthy eating, it is good to receive educated about what is healthy to eat. Living food smart doesn’t mean that he or she have to give up his or her favorite meals and concentrate on calorie counting. The equation to dieting is simple; it is about balance and moderation. Eating the correct…show more content…
In order advancement in lifestyle to take place, a daily checklist is require to showing improvements. Several healthful options available because grocery stores are offering more foods that are both good for an individual and easy to fix. Barbara Rolls, a professor of bio-behavioral healthy at Penn State University, said that, “portion served in the home and typical recipes in cookbooks are bigger now than in the 70s." “To stay lean and healthy in this expanding world you don’t have to cut out whole categories of foods or eat tiny portions.” Dr. Rolls continues to mentions several ways that individuals can eat healthy and still get the proper balanced diet. Another approach mentioned in her reading is that you can add vegetables to any of your favorite dishes as well as bulk up stews and even the world’s favorite dish macaroni and cheese. How can stews be bulk up with large amounts of healthy items? Adding water rich vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and tomatoes will make a healthy hearty dish. Dr. Walter Willett author of, “Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy.” states that “People tend to dish out the same portion, so why not make it lower in calories”? “Our studies show that you are likely to eat the same portion of food as usual and will be satisfied with fewer calories because some of the space in the bowl is taken up by low-calorie-dense vegetables.” The customized food pyramid recommends that a male weighting 252 pounds at a 6 foot 2 inches in height
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