Importance of Iliad as Modern Teaching Tool Essay

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Importance of Iliad as a Modern Teaching Tool The passing of works from generation to generation is not an uncommon thing, nor is it a new practice. For centuries, even since the beginning of time, scholars have recorded and passed on historical accounts, works of art, poetry, and great literary works as a means of transcending the culture from one generation to the next. In doing so, these works were not merely used for leisurely purposes, rather as a way to teach and educate different lessons, morals, and values. Many notable works have come and gone throughout the ages, each with their own set of teachings or lessons to be gained. I believe it to be true that Homer's Iliad is a wonderful work of…show more content…
When looking at this scene from a modern stand point, one might see their pre-battle talk as "trash talk", and their conflict as fist fight of sorts. However, The I Iliad shows up that situations like this are best if avoided. Many men would not have the courage to walk away from a fight for fear of being called a "coward" or "wuss". What these men do not realize is that there is honor to be found in doing what is right, not necessarily popular. Glaucus and Diomedes placed the honor or their ancestors above their own need and desire to engage in battle. Their counterparts might have though it foolish, perhaps even cowardly, to lay down their arms, but this did not phase these two men of honor. The concept of respecting one's elders is also presented in this scene. Often today, young people are accused of being disrespectful of their elders, or parents. The Iliad gives us reason to believe that such acts are not the works os honorable men. Just as Glaucus and Diomedes did what they did for the sake of their elders, young people today should follow their lead and take steps to ensure their actions are respectful and well representative of their ancestors. This whole idea can be summed up by Glaucus' statement of what his father once told him: "Always be the best my boy, the bravest, and hold your head up high

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