Importance of Induction

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ARTICLE ON IMPORTANCE OF INDUCTION IN THE ORGANISTION By P.B.S. KUMAR MANAGER-HR B.Sc,MA(PM),MA(Ind.Eco.).MBA(HR),BGL,DLL,PGDPM -1- INDEX PAGE 1. Introduction 3 2. What should we tell them ? 4 3. Who should tell them ? 5 4. When should they be told ? 6 5. Special Induction some special cases 8 6. How Induction carried out 9 7. Induction checklist 11 8. How do we measure the Induction feed back Of New Employee 13 -2- IMPORTANCE OF INDUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION : Recruitment and Training are a major cost to any organization. Employers therefore need to maximize staff retention to ensure that this investment is not…show more content…
Everybody has anxieties on starting a new job and to have to ask about these fundamentals only adds additional stress. -4- E. TEAM INFORMATION Team information will provide knowledge of all those things which will encourage employees to integrate into the working group. This category needs to cover the informal as well as formal aspects of working life, e.g. the fact that we all go for a pint at lunch time on Fridays’ can be more important to this process then knowing who the shop steward is. 3. WHO SHOULD TELL THEM ? The golden rule governing the passing on of information is that when in doubt, the informant should be the new employee’s immediate line manager or supervisor. However, there are a number of people who could be involved. A. THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT The main role of the Human Resources department in Induction is in devising and maintaining an effective system. Initial Induction may be done in group sessions or individually, depending on the organization. In either case personnel should be responsible for providing information on specialist areas such as contracts of employment, administrative procedures of the organization, Leave administration, safety & house keeping activities etc. They can also be responsible for passing on organizational and procedural information. B. THE IMMEDIATE BOSS This is
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