Importance of Integrated Project Management

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To begin, as more companies and their respective countries become more integrated, so too will the subsequent need for project management tools. The world is becoming more competitive each successive year. As such, the importance of integrated project management system has profound implications on the overall success of the firm. For one, integrated project management systems provide responsiveness and efficiencies to company's. This is very important in a dynamic environment predicated on constantly changing consumer demand and sentiments. Integrated project management tools can better reflect this change as it will continue to occur in the future. Integrated project management tools also allows cross functional teams to collaborate more and work in unison as oppose to separated entities. This collaboration component will prove invaluable to large international firms with a broad scope of influence. By utilizing the team in a manner that is symbiotic rather than individualistic, better progress can be obtained. In essence project management is the planning, organizing, managing, and leading resources to achieve specific company objectives (Lock, 2007). Therefore, it makes sense, particularly for larger more established organizations, to integrate these functions in a seamless manner. As such, the need for a more seamless and streamlined approach to project management will continue to influence the demand for integrated systems (Paul, 2005) As mentioned earlier, the
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