Importance of Intercultural Communication to Ist

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Chapter 4 - The Deep Structure of Culture


Our interpretation of reality determines how we define the world and how we interact in that world. We believe the source of how a culture views the world can be found in its deep structure. It is this deep structure that unifies and makes each culture unique.

Meaning of the Deep Structure of Culture

Although many intercultural communication problems occur on the interpersonal level, most serious confrontations and misunderstandings are as a result of cultural differences that go to the basic core of what it means to be a member of one culture or another.

Cultural collisions are evident worldwide e.g. "ethnic violence" in Africa, clashes between Hindus and Muslims in both India
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Whether it is the Eightfold Path, the Ten Commandments, or the Five Pillars of Islam, the messages of these writings survive.
Each generation is given the wisdom, traditions and customs that make a culture unique. However, one needs to be aware of the fact that often deep-seated hatreds that turn one culture against another also endure.

iii) Deep Structure Institutions and their Messages are Deeply Felt

The content generated by these institutions, and the institutions themselves, arouse deep and emotional feelings. Think for a moment about the violent reactions that can be produced by taking God's name in vain.
Countries and religious causes have been able to send young men to war, and politicians have attempted to win elections by arousing people to the importance of God, country, and family.
Regardless of a person's culture, the deep structure of that culture is something people feel intensely about.

iv) Deep Structure Institutions Supply Much of Our Identity

We are not born with an identity and of the most important responsibilities of any culture is to assist its member in forming their identities. Through countless interactions we discover who we are. "We learn our identities through socialization. Charon.
Remember that socialization takes place in the family. As you come in contact with other people, you begin to develop a variety of identities.
"Everyone has
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