Importance of International Trade

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Discuss the importance of international trade to the company’s business (4.1)
International trade is very important in this era for every international company, trade (export/import) in capital, goods and services between countries.
This topic discussion about Virgin Atlantic Airways, for them international is very vital in commercial flight business. What is the importance of Virgin Atlantic Airways do international trade? As an international company, their business target to various countries. If not business internationally, company cannot running the company’s goals. In other side Virgin Atlantic Airways have benefit a larger sales market. It means open opportunities for market expansion (slide benefit)
Market expansion is efforts
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As example always consistently provide best service to customers in schedule. Schedule can be advantage for Virgin more timely than any other airline. This is one of the most common disadvantages owned by almost every airline around the world. Virgin Atlantic Airways has been able to prove the exact time in the flight schedule. It rarely owned by other airlines because Virgin guided time is very important to customers. At least not to make customers wait for long time if there is any problem. (Slide benefit) nations benefit from foreign investment and standard of living increase * Economic alliances typically lead to political agreements

Evaluate the impact of global factors to the company’s business (4.2)
Global factor is the factors that affect company how to run business with conform to trend and something happening globally. In fact, global factor affect company’s strategy to do success business.
Every country or place has different culture (global factors). In Indonesia, social factors very affect where almost people like discounts event such as trends if there are discounts in a transaction, the product is likely to be sold. The consumer culture can be used to make virgin Atlantic airways discount tickets through credit cards for example. This could be one of strategy for company to face global factor. What factors trigger the culture? Because there are also economic factors that most Indonesian people have low economic level, then most
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