Importance of Internet in Business

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It is simple to describe the way the Internet has changed the way businesses operate in the global market as such: the Internet provided limitless business opportunities at reduced costs. This paper will aim to look at both of these aspects (increased business opportunities vs. reduced costs) and argue about the importance of the Internet in each of these two fields. First of all, the Internet provided each business with access to a larger field of potential clients. Previously, marketing was local and regional rather than global: advertisements would be published in the local newspapers or air on the local radio waves or on the national TV. Only the really large global companies could afford a global, integrated marketing campaign. With the advent of the Internet, however, even a small company could have a global outreach and a global message. All it needed was a webpage (a global presentation business card), a Google campaign that would position it in the first pages of a Google search and, maybe, a small investment in social marketing that would link it, via Twitter and Facebook, with some of its potential clients. The Internet has thus increased the competitiveness of smaller companies by allowing them to increase their outreach and ensure that their message is heard at a wider level. Increased business opportunities did not only translate only in better communication and a more global outreach. It also meant that commercial transactions were simplified.
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