Importance of Job Performance

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Final Determinant of Job Performance According to John P. Campbell et al., (1970; 1993), job performance as defined through the contextual framework of psychology, is something an individual does, or behavior by an employee. Further, Campbell et al describe job performance as something that does not necessary have to be witnessed or seen as there are mental processes and productions that come into place in instances such as making decisions or answering question. Moreover, Campbell et al., (1970; 1993) asserts that job performance should be left to the control of the individual. Performance, according to the author is performance is behavior and closely related to productivity; which is defined as the results or effectiveness of behavior and performance. Researchers and scholars have noted several determinants of performance. Although some argue that cognitive or mental ability is the greatest overall determinant of job performance (Schmitt & Hunter, 1998), others maintain that the final or strongest determinant of job performance is motivation (Lawler, 1973; Dalal & Hulin, 2008). Motivation, as described by Campbell (1990), is " a combined effect from three choice behaviors choice to expend effort, choice of level of effort to expend, and choice to persist in the expenditure of that level of effort" (p. 690). In the current highly competitive labor market, substantial evidence suggests that organizations, despite size, market focus, technological advances, for profit
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