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What comes to mind when the words leader or leadership are heard? Usually a president, a teacher, a C.E.O, a work supervisor or a prime minister comes to mind. Well these are people who are considered to be leaders because they work to achieve a positive change for a particular organization or community. Leadership is the process in which a particular individual influences others to achieve an objective or a common goal. This paper will explain what the term leadership means, the key factors that make up a true leader and the impact as well as the importance that leadership has in
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A leader is not someone who dictates or makes up rules; a true leader is someone that is on a never ending process of self study, education, and training to become a better person and help others achieve a common goal. Developing good leadership skills does take practice and a great deal of time, it does not just happen from one day to another. Good leaders are continually working and studying to improve their leadership skills. It is good to be a leader, but it’s even better to be a leader everybody wants to follow and admire.
A leader usually has influence on the team members to work hard, but most importantly to be committed to their goals. There are two types of leaders: task oriented and person oriented
LEADERSHIP 4 leaders. The task oriented leaders are more focused in training, and in performance, while the person oriented leaders are more interested in the interpersonal relationships with the team. Another very crucial characteristic a leader must possess is trust. Trust is the basis for all the relationships in our lives. Without trust we have nothing, and that makes it almost impossible to create a healthy relationship as well as a nice work environment with others The leadership process is not about things is about people. The characteristics of a leader come to light in our day to day interactions with the people who are around us. A true leader is the one who really has a great relationship with

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