Importance of Logic in Our Day to Day Life

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Misunderstandings commence from the heart of people who are not adept in expressing their needs and desires in a discreet and precise manner which sooner or later result to a more devastating damage like chaos and wars between confederations. Crimes like illegal and immoral acts are committed because of the endless sufferings of one whose needs are not adequately comprehended due to his poor ability of expressing himself. Major and minor dilemmas between friends, family members and other relationships are the aftermaths of ignorance in the appropriate and proper usage of language. These few and many more problems which we are facing today usually root from a distinct cause which is the lack of comprehension which could have been solved …show more content…
In fact this can help them in school to raise their complex questions and get sensible answers. This will enhance the mind of every student to think in a certain formulate way. The school will also be the students underground so that by the time they graduate they will be able to apply what they have learned in logic.
By studying logic, students will also be able to get closer with their teachers and friends. Students get the chance to share their experiences and feelings towards the subject and vice versa. In the cycle of friendship, an individual get to advice the problematic friend by giving rational solutions for his problems.
Learning Logic will also help you appreciate language because it will educate you in constructing your arguments. For example: A knowledgeable student will determine the mistakes which he normally commits and will be able to reorder his statement to a more effective one.
The advantages of studying logic do not end in the school alone. The intimacy in the relationship between family members is based on how they can communicate well with each other.
One positive outcome is that it will give you the ability to communicate more clearly and effectively with parents, siblings, cousins, neighbors etc. Awareness of how an argument should and should not be presented will create a more open and understandable communication between every member. Children will be able to give the right reason on a given question and parents will be able to
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