Importance of Male Sterility and Self Incompatibility in Crop Improvement

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A Term Paper On The Importance of Male Sterility and self incompatibility in crop improvement By Idu Paul Odey CONTENT 0. Introduction 1. Male Sterility (MS) and Self-Incompatibility 1. Male Sterility (MS) 2. Self-Incompatibility (SI) 2. Types of Male Sterility and Self-Incompatibility Systems 1. Types of Male Sterility 2. Types of Self-Incompatibility 3. How MS and SI affect Reproduction in plant and correction of problems 1. Effect of MS in Reproduction 2. Effect of SI in Reproduction 4. MS and SI Effect/Use in Crop Breeding Exercise 1. Male Sterility in Plant Breeding 2.…show more content…
1.2 Types of Male Sterility and Self-Incompatibility Systems 1.2.1 Types of Male Sterility As a consequence male sterility is sometimes divided into: a) Pollen sterility: in which male sterile individuals differs from normal only in the absence or extreme scarcity of functional pollen grains. b) Structural or staminal male sterility: in which male flowers or stamens are malformed and nonfunctional or completely absent. c) Functional male sterility: in which perfectly good and viable pollen is trapped in indehiscent anthers and thus prevented from functioning.” Of the three types of male sterility, pollen sterility is by far the most common and only one that has played a major role in plant breeding and hybrid seed production” ( Lasa and Bosemark 1993) Male sterility can further be divided into three types according to the way they are controlled genetically; based on its inheritance or origin (Borojevic 1990; Lasa and Bosemark 1993). According to Lasa and Bosemark (1993), the types are: i) Nuclear Male Sterility (NMS) also called genetic male sterility ii) Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) iii) Non-Genetic, chemically induced male sterility 1.2.1a Nuclear Male Sterility (Genetic) This type of male sterility is mostly controlled by single recessive gene (sorghum, beans), but can also be controlled by several genes (barly, tomato) (Borojevic

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