Importance of Management Research

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1. Discuss the importance of Management Research? Today’s managers have a growing need to understand scientific findings and incorporate them into decision making. Research always facilitates effective management. At many government organizations research drives every aspect of major decision making. In some organizations, research is so fundamental that management makes hardly any significant decision without the benefit of some kind of research. The prime managerial value of management research is that it reduces uncertainty by providing information that improves the decision-making process. The decision –making process associated with the development and implementation of a strategy involves four interrelated stages. 1)…show more content…
In effect this is the process of determining what evidence must be collected to test the major hypotheses or answer the questions. 3. At this point the general direction of the research has probably made clear which of the various research or design types is most appropriate. For example, it may be decided that a survey, or an experiment, or some other design should be used. 4. A fourth task is the construction of the specific measurement instruments. For a survey the interview guide or questionnaire is written, and the way in which the survey is to be carried out is specified. For an observational study the specific form and conditions of the observation and the types of recording processes to be used must be determined. 5. When both the design and the measurement specifics have been determined, a test is needed to assure that they are feasible for the purposes intended. Almost certainly deficiencies requiring revisions and additional testing will be found at this stage. 6. At this point, a plan for the analysis of the data is required. Planning may go as far as the development of a set of dummy tables for the expected statistical data. Such detailed planning is not always found in research projects, but it does help assure that data relevant to the hypotheses or questions will be secured. 7. The final stage of project development is preparation of specific instructions and other arrangements (such as training sessions) to assure that
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