Importance of Nutrition in Human Development

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Importance of Nutrition to Development: Nutrition is described as an interdisciplinary science that emphasizes on the study of nutrients, foods, health, and other food constituents. In the past few years, knowledge regarding the field has been growing rapidly to an extent that it has become large. The importance of nutrition is driven by the fact that every human being requires a set of essential nutrients though the amount of the nutrients may vary depending on certain factors. Some of these factors that result in the difference in amount of nutrients include age, gender, body size, growth, lifestyle habits, genetic traits, and medication use. Therefore, nutrition is vital for the health and wellness of an individual throughout the entire lifespan. Furthermore, knowledge of the changing requirements of nutrition is also essential to the delivery of quality healthcare. Nutrition in Human Development: In addition to food, nutrition is important in human development to an extent that its widely recognized in low, middle, and high income countries ("Why Nutrition is Important", 2009). The wide recognition of nutrition emanates from the intolerable burden of any form of malnutrition to national health systems as well as the economic, social, and cultural fabrics of these nations. Actually, malnutrition of any form is considered as the greatest hindrance to the achievement of human potential. As a result, investments in nutrition make economic sense since it lessens
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