Importance of Organizational Ethics Program in Law Enforcement Agencies

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Organizational Ethics Introduction One of the most critical tools that are used by all law enforcement agencies is an organizational ethics program (OEP). This is when an entity with more than two people will create a series of protocols that are designed to guide the actions and behaviors of everyone. During this process, there is focus on how the department is organized to effectively achieve a host of objectives and remain in compliance with moral as well as legal standards. A few of the different areas that are concentrated on during this process include: inputs, outputs, the process and the outcomes of these activities for stakeholders. The combination of these factors is illustrating how an effective OEP program is designed to enhance the mission and relationship of personnel in reaching a host of objectives. (Butts, 2004) In the case of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, these guidelines have been in place since 1985 and have been continually updated. This is a part of an effort to improve professionalism and prevent any kind of misconduct by employees. To fully understand the way that this tool is utilized requires demonstrating how it is administered in a real world environment. This will be accomplished by focusing on critical activities and developing a framework for implementing this strategy. Together, these elements will highlight how this policy will improve professionalism and address the ethical challenges impacting the sheriff's department. This is
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