Importance of Party Discipline

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The Importance of Party Discipline Canada is one of the largest and most culturally diverse countries in the world. These characteristics make the democratic governing of the country a difficult task. A democratic model is needed that respects the fundamental rights and freedoms of various diverse cultures, and unites these cultures over a huge land mass as Canadians. To do this the Canadian government is one which is pluralist. Pluralism is the ideology that groups, (in Canada's case political parties), should rule in government. These parties help protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone living in Canada, regardless of their ethnicity, or religious beliefs. The role political parties play in Canada is vital for…show more content…
The individual is of minimal significance when considering who to vote for in an election. Canadians can vote with confidence because they know politicians' actions will fall in line with the ideology of their respective party, which they have elected to become government. By electing an individual who is free to make decisions based on his or her own morality and reason, voters would actually be compromising their freedom. Citizens would have no confidence in their representatives because the MP would be free to make decisions that are not subject to any guidelines or standards. Party discipline unites the country by having voters from various backgrounds and beliefs elect a political party into office. It is not as easy for individuals to relate to a candidate; it is much easier for individuals to relate to a political party, with a very general platform. Voters chose a political party based on how well they identify with the party's platform. Party discipline insures that this platform will be represented in parliamentary session, and thus the individual's needs, wants, and concerns are accurately represented. Voters are not the only people who benefit from the practice of party discipline. The practice is also fundamentally important for the stability of the Canadian government. Being a pluralist country means there are groups (political parties) of differing ideologies that represent
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