Importance of Peace and Order Law in the Development of the Country

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I. Introduction Peace and order is an essential ingredient in maintaining economic development, social order and political stability. A condition of peace and order facilitates the growth of investments, generates more employment opportunities and attracts more tourists. Economic development generally refers to the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Peace refers to absence of hostility. It refers to an environment that is characterized by healthy interpersonal and international relationships, acknowledgment of equality and fairness. A. Background of the Study From the Latin pax, meaning "freedom from…show more content…
The barangay being the basic units of the local government plays an important role in the development of the nation. The status of peace and order in a barangay illuminate that of the country, and a peaceful barangay is a peaceful country. It helps in maintaining social order, political stability through the help of the Executive orders of the government because of that the economy has been fully reorganized. D. Scope and Limitation The scope of this study is for the Barangay of different communities around Metro Manila. The study will include Barangay Marulas, Valenzuela City and how they work. It is focused on the procedure, ways and technique used by the Barangay officials as a subject for our thesis. The study does not cover any Government agencies that are not related to our topic. II. Review of Related Literature The benefits brought about by peace can also be measured in economic terms. Peace does in fact have a monetary value independent of the human values associated with it. It can be expressed in terms of the additional value to global GDP1 that would ensue from Economics and Peace in conjunction with the Economists for Peace and Security impact of lost peace on the world economy at 7.2 trillion dollars (US$7,200,000,000,000) annually. Over a ten year period this adds up to US$72 trillion. Once nations are

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