Importance of Personality Characteristics and Group Behavior

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Personality Characteristics and Group Behavior Human behavior is a fascinating field to study. This is so due to the fact that many humans behave in many different ways, leading to an infinite number of possibilities for a particular outcome in human-to-human interaction. The reason for this is that humans have different personalities, which often impact their behavior and which, in turn impact other individuals' behavior. Thereby, personality characteristics can carry a heavy effect on group behavior and will affect the dynamics of a particular group. This paper will examine this effect in the paragraphs below. Personality characteristics affect group behavior in a variety of settings. In the workplace, for instance, positive behavior is harnessed and organized, so that it can promote greater understanding, facilitate group work, and create better dynamics so that workers are more efficient and effective. But no matter the setting, there are various personalities that will enhance group behavior and there are others that will slow down the work, and even thwart it in its creativity. In a study examining various personalities and how they can affect group behavior it was found that, for instance, in a group that was tasked with generating unique ideas it was optimal to include individuals most prone to open-mindedness and creativity, as this lead to improved group performance. With regard to such groups, researchers identified, time and again, that qualified
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