Importance of Planning and Preparing External Quality Assurance Activities

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2.1 evaluate the importance of planning and preparing external quality assurance (EQA) activities. It is extremely important for those responsible for planning and preparing EQA activities to be very thorough in its procedures. It is at this crucial step that the framework for all understanding of the particular problem or organisation is to be related to the system itself by the assurer. In this preparation, a clear explanation of the risks, benefits and validity of the processes are discussed and presented. Holistic and general compliance is the target and should be remembered as such during these preparations. Continued and flowing success is the ultimate result in this type of work. 2.3 summarise the preparations that need to be made for external quality assurance activities Many preparations need to be taken into consideration by the EQA before external quality assurance activities may commence and take hold. These include: , including: information collection, communications, administrative arrangements and resources. The specific sequence of these preparations are also important due to the necessitates of a systematic framework for success. These arrangement can occur in a few ways but these regulations must include ideas or plans on how to collect information, communicate with the client, administer arrangements and allocate resources. Once these basic and preliminary ideas are covered in this particular stage, a holistic and total approach has arrived to
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