Importance of Preparation for Sales Management

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Contents 1. Introduction 2. Key Preparation Issues 2.1 Product knowledge and benefits 2.2 Knowledge of competitors products and benefits 2.3 Sales presentation planning 3. Conclusion 4. References 1. Introduction Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’ This popular saying can be related to many aspects of life, however it can be especially apparent for sales people. Throughout their career, a sales person will rarely experience sales which are exactly the same; they will need to be adaptable to the needs and requirements of their many customers. However, as suggested by Jobber and Lancaster (2009) there will be many situations or problems which occur consistently…show more content…
With knowledge of the competition, the salesperson would be able to explain that all equipment is included in the room hire price, whereas at Albion they would have to pay extra for any equipment, thus making it more expensive. It is important that sales personnel research their competitors regularly to ensure they stay up to date with all products and benefits. Jobber and Lancaster (2009) suggest that this can be do using a variety of methods; sales catalogues, internet, talking to buyers and direct observation. 3.3 Sales Presentation Planning As mentioned at the beginning of this essay, due to the variety of people they will deal with, sales personnel need to be adaptable and be able to think on their feet, however, as Jobber and Lancaster explain, ‘there are considerable advantages to presentation planning.’ (2009, pp.237) If the sales person has planned what they want to say, they are less likely to forget any essential information such as important features and benefits of the product or advantages over competitor products. Having a plan can also increase the confidence of a salesperson, which will improve their communication with potential buyers and therefore increase the probability of them closing a sale. 3. Conclusion Preparation is essential in any area of business, however, without competent and prepared sales personnel, all areas of a business will suffer. At Wolverhampton Wanderers, sales people undergo regular training to ensure
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