Importance of Recruitment and Selection of Sales People

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Discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people. What are some of the problems associated with selecting the wrong person for the job?
Enhanced customer expectations coupled with increased global competition means that growth, or even survival of a firm is difficult. Organisations need to respond to a rapidly changing global environment (Cascio 2011). Success for a firm thus is dependent on attracting and retaining high quality individuals who can respond effectively to this changing environment. This infers that there can be ‘wrong’ persons; individuals who are more of a liability rather than ‘right’ persons who are assets (Fombrun and Devanna 2008). This occurs because there are differences between individuals, which
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It identifies the particular demands of the job and emphasises those aspects which are crucial for success in an organisation (Levine et al. 2009).
Selection is the process of measuring differences between these candidates to find the person who has the best profile to match the specification of the job (Fombrun and Devanna 2008). Once you have recruited the individuals you need to select the right persons you believe are equipped for the specific tasks at hand. This is of fundamental importance and it is a crucial part to the success of an organisation. The selection of an individual with the right combination of education, work experience, attitude and creativity will not only increase the stability and quality of the workforce, it will also play a large role in bringing management strategies and planning to execution (Anderson 2005).
Selecting and recruiting qualified employment candidates is an important part of growing your business. “Employee recruitment needs to be run like a business marketing campaign in that you need to identify your target audience and then find the geographic location of that audience to efficiently deliver your message”. A company should develop effective recruitment and selection practices to assemble the best staff (Anderson 2005).

Poor selection processes either choosing the wrong person for your work place culture, someone who doesn't have the right skills or capability or isn't engaged with your business

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