Importance of Sales Force to Strategic Development of a Company

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report has discussed the ‘Importance of Sales force to Strategic development of a company’. The case of Auckland Engineering Plc. has been examined and the various problems like higher price and over expenditure on advertising have been discussed. The role that a sales team can play in solving these problems like defending their price by focussing on the quality of the product has been observed. Sales team play a vital role in gathering up-to date information about the market and help the management of the company in forming growth strategies.” Salespeople operate at the boundaries of their firms with buyer and are in the best position to not only adapt to initial on going changes in the customer needs but also to…show more content…
Another related threat to Auckland Engineering Plc. Is that their largest customer is threatening to switch because of the higher prices. It can be said that in this case, the company needs to re-define its relationship with the customer using the sales force. One of the best methods to execute this is by using the Buying Facilitation process by Sharon Drew Morgen. This method of collaborative and facilitative selling requires much greater involvement and understanding of the sales person in the buyer’s business and helps in reducing confrontation. Sales force not skilled in generating new leads: Another problem faced by the sales force is that they are not skilled in generation new leads. If the sales force can’t generate new leads, then they won’t be useful in achieving the marketing target of generating £35 million as sales revenue. One of the best ways to generate new leads is to ask for referrals from the existing clients and should the sales team should utilize their advertising campaigns to search for any potential customers. Another method of generating leads is to attend the trade shows of the industry the company is working in to look for potential clients. Buyers in the industry seem prone to switching suppliers: One of the major opportunities mentioned in the SWOT analysis (appendix 1) is that the buyers are prone to switching. This can be helpful to the sales force as the buyers have a natural tendency to switch the suppliers and

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