Importance of Self-Esteem and Self Image

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This is the mental image of oneself. The characteristics that define a person internally are called self-image. These characteristics include kindness, selfish, talented, ugly, beautiful, intelligent, weight, height, and gender. Self-image also refers to the things a person has learnt about them self, through others judgments, and personal experiences. A person's self-image is something they cultivate over a period of time. Self-image is a mirror reflecting back an image of a person(Pletsch, Johnson, Tosi, Thurston, & Riesch, 1991). The image been reflected is a contribution from caregivers, parents, friends, teachers and family. The image reflected on the mirror can be the real person or the distorted view of them self. A person will then develop a positive or negative self-image based on this view. How a person acts in their adult life, is as a result of the strengths and weaknesses they learn as children and teenagers as they are internalized. Everyday people are taking in information, and they are evaluating them self continually. How a person feels about them self how they think about them self, and how they respond to life are directly related to the person's self-image.
How one regards them self is referred to as self-esteem. The overall appraisal or evaluation of a person's own worth is also referred to as self-esteem. The beliefs a person holds and…
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