Importance of Seminar

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Introduction of Seminar

Seminars are forums in which issues are raised and explored, but not necessarily resolved; they require you to think, to practice the skills of analysis and synthesis, and by doing so, possibly leave with more and better ideas than the ones with which you came.

“Seminars are not a place for the transmission of data. Ideally they go beyond the sharing of facts and probe the depths of the subject matter at hand.”
The success of the seminar is dependent on the group's ability to work together and, through intelligent discussion, develop an understanding of the material that they wouldn't have thought of on their own.
Tips to successful seminars: • Plan your overall
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Keep in mind the following as you interview potential speakers: - expertise/strong research background - ability to convey knowledge to a community audience - unbiased and non-partisan (do not invite speakers that are aligned with a particular cause/group) - honorarium - travel expenses ✓ Inform speakers of the topic goals and make certain they fully understand what is expected of them. “Coach” them on the importance of presenting easy-to-understand, objective, and non-partisan information ✓ Request a condensed, easy-to-understand version of their presentation/research for inclusion in the briefing report. Stress the importance of including accurate, up-to-date information that is easily digested by a community audience. ✓ Inquire about their audio/visual needs. ✓ Confirm their participation. ✓ Make travel arrangements if necessary.
Date Selection ✓ Be cognizant of when county officials are elected (i.e. avoid campaign season and try to schedule the seminar after new officials are elected). ✓ Make certain the date/time does not conflict with groups you want to attend. ✓ Consider the pros and cons of evenings and weekends
✓ Choose a location considering: - capacity - cost - parking - acoustics; audio/visual requirements
Briefing Report ✓ Determine whether an existing
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