Importance of Setting in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre Essay

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She feels Jane was forced upon her family after the death of her parents. Against her husband’s request, Mrs. Reed does not treat Jane like a human being and is constantly criticizing and punishing her. In one example, Jane was keeping to herself and reading a book when her cousin John Reed decided to annoy her. John grabbed the book and threw it at her, knocking her down and cutting her on the head. This caused her to bleed and was very painful. Mrs. Reed then punished Jane by sending her into the red room, the room that her uncle died in, for the entire night. While in the red room, Jane became terrified and thought she saw or heard the flapping of wings. The treatment Jane received caused her to become bitter and to truly dislike Mrs. Reed.

Jane then goes on to live at Lowood School. While at Lowood, Jane meets a young girl named Helen Burns. Helen taught Jane many things about life and religion. Jane recalls a time when Helen was scolded for not cleaning her nails or washing her face. Mrs. Scatherd, throwing out the fact that the water was frozen, proceeded to punish Helen by smacking her on the back of the neck with a bundle of twigs. Jane was amazed at Helen’s ability to accept the punishment, even though it was not Helen’s fault. Jane then asked Helen if she wanted to leave Lowood. Helen tells her no because she was sent to get an education. This shows how mature, intelligent, and religious Helen…
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