Importance of Social Science in Our Lives

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Importance of Social Science
Here is a lot to be said for perspective. Although I am officially retired from teaching education courses at a fairly large public university, I have some ideas that might have resonance with people studying to be teachers. In my career, I taught many graduate curriculum courses in regular college classroom settings and on the Internet. The other semesters, including summer terms. I taught an undergraduate course entitled Methods and Principles: Social Studies for Elementary and Middle Grades. I also taught the high school version of the same course. As part of these courses, I discussed with my mainly young students why social studies is important, and what it is for. To be quite frank, most of my students
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In fact, some would argue that measures of this literacy show a marked decline over the past forty years or so. Perhaps many have forgotten that understanding social studies concepts and ideas is an intensely personal thing.
So I really didn't "teach" my students how to teach social studies. That is impossible. What I did was to motivate them to want to learn about social studies and different ways of teaching it. They come to believe that they don't understand anything unless they understand it in more than one way. I believe I was successful at doing this, and it is a good feeling.
I always had an affinity for the social sciences as well as the sciences, but when I had to make a decision about what I wanted to teach after I realized I wanted to be a teacher, social studies won out, Barely, but in retrospect, I have no regrets. Being a teacher, and all that entails, was good for me, and I think was also good for my students. The challenges, successes and yes, disappointments, were wonderful markers in my journey toward becoming a professional. Each part was important, for collectively they provided a basis for learning and improving, which are cornerstones for any professional teacher.
For many years, in addition to teaching such social studies courses as history, civics and geography at the secondary level, I taught college courses dealing with social studies
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