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DEED OF AGREEMENT FOR ALLOTMENT/SALE OF AN APARTMENT WITH SHARE OF LAND. The deed of agreement is made drafted executed, given effect at Chittagong on this the 00th day of June of Two Thousand Fourteen of the Christian era, to develop and concerning allotment of a residential apartment with car parking space and transfer the share of the land at ‘‘MARINE NOOR FATEMA COTTAGE’’ project at House No- 273/297, Lalkhan Bazar (Shamsi Colony), P.O- Dampara, P.S- Khulshi, District-Chittagong, Banglabesh. BETWEEN “Marine Homes Development Limited” a private limited company registered under the Companies Act 1994, bearing certificate of incorporation No CH6944(290)/ 2009 dated 09.04.2009 issued by registrar of Joint Stock Company, Dhaka Bangladesh,…show more content…
And Whereas having examined the title deed of the land owner and her agreement with the developer and the plan, design and specification of the project and being satisfied there about, the allottee/ purchaser of above named formally applied for allotment of a to be constructed apartment on project land to him/her/them along with transfer at proportionate share in the project land. And Whereas the developer Allotted apartment no ‘6-B’ on Sixth Level or Fifth floor approximately 1790 Square feet (Gross). And Whereas a condition precedent to the deal the allottee proposed to engage the developer for the construction of his /her/their apartment and car parking space as an integral part of the project and proportionate facilities at cost and expenses there of and there about to be borne by the allottee and the developer agreed there to and accepted the assignment on certain terms and conditions and the land owner agreed to transfer the proportionate land to the allottee as expounded herein after. And whereas the parties hereto upon discussion & deliberation have mutually agreed as set forth
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