Importance of Structure and Culture on Organisational Effectiveness

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Importance of Structure and Culture on Organisational Effectiveness Introduction Robbins and Judge define organisational behaviour as ‘a method for understanding individual and group behaviour to facilitate organisational performance and effectiveness’ (Robbins and Judge, 2007). Robbins (2003) highlights the importance of managers studying organisational behaviour as this will help them to develop the people skills needed to deal with employers on a day-to-day basis, which is the fundamental aspect of any management role. In fact, organisational behaviour is of huge concern for anyone who organises or supervises the activities of others. There are several influences on organisational behaviour, each of which can impact upon the…show more content…
(Robbins, 2003) Sociology: Sociology is a social science that seeks to explain human social activity. It focuses on the political, economic, educational and religious structures within societies and analyses the ways in which they develop and function. Robbins (2003) points out that sociological research into the development and functions of work structures within societies, and especially the way these have affected the behaviour of individuals and groups in these societies, has been extremely important in the development of organisational behaviour. Social Psychology: Social psychology is a subfield of Psychology and Sociology that is interested in how the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of individuals and social groups are influenced by the presence of others such as families, work groups, and organisations. Indeed, Robbins (2003) states that many theories originally developed within Social Psychology have directly influenced the concepts and theories found in organisational behaviour concerning communication processes, decision-making, conflict management and politics and in turn have led to the development of many techniques used in these areas. Other disciplines: Robbins (2003) highlights the importance of a number of other disciplines in the development of organisational behaviour. * Political science in explaining how power struggles between groups within organisations can stem from variances in performance and agendas. * Economics
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