Importance of StudentTeacher Connections

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If educators have a sincere sense of respect for their students’ minds and engage in connections, they will not only share ownership of learning, they can honor their students’ voices and create a classroom culture that embodies genuine respect for the students learning process and not control of their minds (Freire, 1970). Productive learning connections do not necessarily involve control of the students and the classroom (Reese, 2011). Students must have the freedom to learn without excessive control during the learning process. This control of the learning environment can translate into control of knowledge (Reeve, 1998). Importance Of Student Teacher Connections Student teacher relationships have been considered for many years: “The relationship between teacher and student has been a focus of inquiry for over 2000 years, since Plato, Socrates, and Confucius established much of the philosophical guidelines for teaching. By emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge through dialogue, each philosopher stressed a commitment to the teacher-student relationship” (Wang, Haertel, & Walberg, 1994, p.1). What is effective teaching? There is not one answer and there will be a list of many different responses. This list could include teacher’s knowledge of subject, pedagogical competence and/or classroom management skills. Banner and Cannon (1997) describe the difficulty in defining what it means to be an effective teacher, “We think we know great teaching when we encounter

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