Importance of Technical Assistance and Back-Up Plan in Event Management

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In event planning, problems can - and often will - arise at the worst possible moment. Technical difficulties such as those involving AV equipment, internet connectivity and sound systems may occur. Causes include people tripping over wires, faulty equipment, faulty electrical connections, or missing components. In the event of a limited site team and the lack of additional equipment, it becomes necessary to move to Plan B. Check immediately to see if the venue offers any technical assistance, support, or back-up equipment. It is important to consider this, even if it means incurring expenses. If necessary, accept the financial loss if it means continuation of the event and preserving customer satisfaction. It is important to do a quick troubleshoot to determine that the problem truly is what you are assuming it is. Test equipment in other power outlets, for example, to rule out the possibility that the outlet is the problem instead of the equipment. If in fact the power source is the problem, equipment can quickly be moved to another location with adequate power. If a wire or cord is dysfunctional or damaged, seek other equipment for a possible quick swap. If that equipment is also in use, determine which event process is most critical and utilize the power cord there first. Once a root problem has been determined and if no other alternatives are available on-site, consider sending a team member assigned to a non-essential task to retrieve the additional equipment. You
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