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Importance of Theory Paper Robert Costello Chamberlain College of Nursing NR501: Foundational Concepts and Applications March 2016 Importance of Theory Paper The nursing philosophy is a group of concepts that help provide a method for treating and caring for patients. Nursing theory also can be an instrument of effort that emphasizes scientific facts, it will also show the trends of views of the wellbeing -disease course of action and the practice of healing care. The different nursing theories that have been planned contain ways in which patients should be treated. Principles of nursing theories require the nurse to assess the patient and understanding how the patient will respond to the cost of his or her illness.…show more content…
In the bachelor nursing program was the same who went over the nursing theory and theorist, but not in detail. In the mastered nursing program these nursing theories are studied more, because in the MSN program, we as nursing students are being prepared to apply the nursing theory we learn in our nursing practice to help guide the way we as nurses treat and care for our patients. Studying the nursing theories, helps the MSN prepared student to be better critically thinkers. Nursing theory is useful in nursing practice, because it focuses on caring relationships with the health care team, which helps allows for positive patient results. Using nursing theory, it helps nurses, to provide better rationales for collecting reliable and valid data about the health of the patient. The main thing why using nursing theory in nursing practice, is it helps what you learned about nursing theory in school to give the patient the best quality care. According to Keith Carlson “These theoretical structures can serve as a basis for nursing practice, patient care, professional development, education, nursing research, or administrative decision-making” (Lpntobsnonline,2012). Nursing philosophy in nursing separates other healthcare professionals, because, nurses learned how to use different theories in their practice that has been studies and researched to help improve the care and treatment of their

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